Are KN95 Masks Effective?

Many people are wondering are KN95 masks effective in the face of a pandemic like the Coronavirus. There are many different types of masks out on the market right now, some better than others, so it is worth asking the question of whether or not these are effective, especially when the intention is to protect yourself from a potentially deadly virus.

Are KN95 Masks Effective?

It is important to note that KN95 masks, N95 mask, and FFP2 masks, are essentially the same types of masks. They are all designed with the ability to stop 95% of particles that are greater than 0.3 microns in size from entering into the mask.

The difference here is the code name:

  • KN95 is the Chinese code name
  • N95 is the US code name
  • FFP2 is the EU code name, which includes the UK
  • KF94 is the Korean code name

Can a Regular Mask Protect From the Corona Virus?

Regular, loose-fitting, homemade masks, have the ability to protect you from spreading germs through sneezing and coughing. This can help to stop you from transmitting fluids to other people. The spread of fluids is how the Coronavirus spreads, so yes, they can be very helpful.

People who are wearing cloth face masks can wash their masks after every use. However, if you are wearing a surgical or respirator mask, the mask should be disposed of after each use.

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The Importance Of Wearing Your Mask Correctly

A respiratory face mask, such as the KN95 mask, can be effective in protecting someone from the virus. This is because they fit tightly around the nose and mouth, creating a seal to block out unwanted fluids. You need to make sure that they fit tight around your face when they are worn.

KN95 masks are thicker than your typical medical masks. With that said, they are not made to be worn for very long periods and they must be fitted properly.

If the mask gets wet or dirty, it must be disposed of right away. A standard respiratory face mask will last just over a week. It is best to wear your mask whenever you are near other people. If you are traveling, on public transport, taking a trip to the grocery store, etc., having a proper mask can be extremely effective.

Do note that young children and those with beards or stubble should not wear KN95 masks, as they will not fit properly. If you have trouble breathing with your mask, we recommend disposing of it and finding a new one.

Where To Buy KN95 Masks?

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