Are KN95 Masks Reusable?

When it comes to how we live our daily lives, as well as how medical personnel are able to perform their jobs, the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has had an immense impact one question that is often asked if KN95 Masks Reusable.

We’ve seen the same sort of mask and respirator shortages before when the SARS epidemic broke out, though it wasn’t on this large of a scale.

Are KN95 Masks Reusable?

It is important to note that while these masks can be used to provide protection for the general public, they should first and foremost be given to healthcare workers who need additional protection while on the job. The best way to prevent illness, according to CDC guidelines, is to avoid exposure by practicing social distancing.

However, if you are using a KN95 mask for protection, it is worth knowing that they were designed to be disposed of after use. Unfortunately, there are many workers that are reusing their masks, as they believe that having some protection is far better than having no protection.

Is reusing a KN95 mask the most effective course of action that one can take?

They were designed to be disposed of after one use, so does it make sense to reuse these KN95 masks in the face of a dangerous outbreak?

Guidelines for Respirator Masks

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that KN95 respirator masks, as well as other disposable masks, are not shared or reused.

KN95 masks are made with the intention of blocking large particles so that they do not reach the nose and mouth. Surgical face masks do not block or filter out very small particles that are in the air. They also do not have the best seals for providing complete protection to the face.

KN95 respirators, however, are designed to provide better seals around the face to help block out smaller particles. The “95” in the name comes from the ability of the masks to block out 95% of 0.3 micron-sized particles.

It is important to note that neither respirators nor surgical masks should be used more than once if possible. If your mask becomes soiled or damaged, you must dispose of it right away or face the risk of becoming exposed to viruses and bacteria.

In the ideal scenario, your mask should be removed and disposed of properly. You should also be careful to wash your hands with soap and hot water after dealing with your mask.

Are KN95 Masks Washable?

Because we are in the middle of a healthcare crisis at the moment, it isn’t possible for us to always follow this “ideal scenario”. The CDC has provided healthcare workers with guidelines for extended use, though none of these detail washing as part of the process.

KN95 masks, as well as most masks that are not made with cloth material, are not intended for washing.

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