CDC Face Masks

As the spread of Coronavirus continues to move throughout the country, the CDC is putting out recommendations regarding CDC face masks and facial coverings to help stop the spread and protect individuals from contracting the virus.

CDC is currently recommending cloth face coverings for individuals who don’t work in the healthcare sphere.

How One Can Wear CDC Face Masks

CDC Face Masks
CDC Face Masks

If you are wearing a face mask made out of cloth, there are a few guidelines that you should follow:

  • Make sure that the face mask fits your face snugly
  • Secure your face mask with ties or ear loops
  • Make sure that your cloth masks contain at least two layers of fabric
  • Make sure that your face mask is easy to breathe with
  • Mae sure that your cloth face mask can be laundered without damage

Face Mask Recommendation

The CDC is recommending cloth face masks for those who are going out into public settings. Public settings are any places where social distancing may become difficult to maintain. This can include pharmacies, grocery stores, parks, etc. This is especially important for those who take public transportation, such as the subway or the bus.

The CDC is recommending that all Americans, regardless of age or health, wear cloth face coverings to help slow down the overall spread of the Coronavirus. This is important whether you are sick or not, as you may not know that you have the virus and are currently transmitting it to other people.

Cloth face masks can be made at home or ordered online. They can be fashioned from household items at a fairly low cost if you are handy, though we recommend ordering it from a professional if you are unsure how to make one.

Cloth face masks should never be placed on children that are under the age of two, as it may create difficulty breathing. Cloth face masks should also not be placed on those who would not be able to remove the mask without any assistance.

The reason that the CDC recommends cloth masks for the general public is that they are hoping to save N-95 respirators for healthcare workers. Surgical masks and N-96 respirators are in very high demand right now and supplies are running low. As recommended by CDC guidance, if you are not a first responder or healthcare professional, use a KN95 mask or try and make a cloth mask at home or purchase one online to save these critical supplies for those who truly need them.

Where To Purchase a Face Mask

There are many companies and websites that are selling masks, though as with anything important, it is necessary to ask questions and look at past reviews to see whether or not the products they are selling are legitimate.

If you have any questions about our large supply of protective face masks here at Global Health Magazine and Supplies, please feel free to get in contact with us. We look forward to helping you thrive during these hard times.