How To Spot Fake N95 Face Masks

Around the world, there is a growing demand for N95 face masks with countries competing to get the masks to enable them to combat the rise and spread of the coronavirus which make the question of How To Spot Fake N95 Face Masks more important to be answered.

High ranking health professionals recommend these N95 masks as the must-have for every essential health worker and carriers of the virus.

This has led it to become the first product in the world right now. As usual, scammers are trying to cash in on this unfortunate situation by taking advantage of the pandemic to sell fake masks.

Tips for Spotting Fake N95 Masks
Tips for Spotting Fake N95 Masks

In other situations, these scammers try to perform transactions with agencies and institutions and end up not supplying the masks and running away with the organization’s money., which is known for performing transactions online, recorded a year high in operations, all stemming from the sales of personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you are asking how to spot fake N95 face masks you are not alone with high demand and an increase in the number of face masks online stores, it is no surprise why scammers would be interested in the business.

In the US, leading manufacturers of face masks have issued warnings and instructions to health professionals to guide them when buying from these fraudsters. Despite this, a hospital in New Jersey, which is at the epicenter of the spread of the disease in the state, was a recipient of fake masks from a longtime trusted vendor.

They were able to ascertain that the masks were not original after it was unable to fit the face properly and also lacked the authentic Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approval label. While the vendor was not at fault, it did put the hospital in a nasty situation.

Counterfeit N95 masks can put the wearers at risk, most notably those at the frontlines of defense. So the question remains, how can you spot fake N95 masks? We have some tips for you.

Tips on how to Spot Fake N95 Vendors

  • Look out for “genuine” and “legitimate” listing statements.
  • Check the transaction history of the vendor, and if possible, reach out to the former buyer to make sure he/she was satisfied with the quality of the N95 mask bought from the vendor.
  • Check if the seller has been selling the N95 masks earlier or just started recently. 80% of new sellers are just looking to cash out, while the legitimate ones have been around for a long time and understand the products they have and can even help you out with necessary information if needed.
  • Unlimited stocks during the time of shortage screams “fake masks for sale.”
  • Price fluctuations and deviations are other indicators.
  • Check if the contact info of the seller is displayed.

Signs of Not Approved Masks

  • Lack of CDC approval(TC) number on the N95 mask headband or the filtering facepiece respirator.
  • Absent NIOSH markings on the mask.
  • No markings on the mask at all.
  • Incorrect spelling of NIOSH.
  • Approved for children ( N95 masks is not recommended for kids).
  • Earloops in place of the headband.
  • Decorative fabrics and add-ons are present.
  • A real NIOSH approved respirator has a label on or within the packaging of the mask, along with an approval number.

If you notice any of these, please do not buy the masks to avoid putting yourself, family, and the community you reside at risk. Report to the appropriate authorities if possible.